Supplier Scope
If you would like more information on the service, continue reading below or contact us via email with any additional questions you may have.
Who is this service for?
This service is for clients that have already found a supplier, received quotes, and are interested in purchasing. However, they want a local Chinese team to make sure the supplier looks legit, and that pricing appears to be very competitive.
When is this service done?
This service is done after you have contacted a supplier, negotiated terms and pricing, and are ready to place an order. This service is then used to offer some insurance before the deal is closed. It is an investment towards avoiding costly issues or over-paying!
How does it work?
This service is provided with three simple steps:

1. We collect information from you regarding your you supplier and order via a survey you will fill out.

2. Our local team in China will do some digging and investigate the supplier to check for a wide range of potential red flags, and also get a price quote themselves to see if your pricing is competitive.

3. We will deliver the inspection report to you via e-mail within 7 days and let you take it from there!
More Details:
Sending money overseas to someone you have never met can be scary! Whether this is your first time dealing with this supplier, or you have done several deals with them previously, getting a little homework done is never a bad thing! Our goal is to help you be aware of potential issues that we can find, or make you feel more comfortable that the people you are dealing with appear to be perfectly legit! We also want to check pricing for you, and make sure that you are getting a competitive deal.
When we start the service, you will send us all the info you have. Proforma invoices, past order history, and full details of the product. We will do some local Chinese checking on the supplier and let you know of any red flags that might be found. If anything pops up that is alarming or that you should be aware of, we will include it in our report. Otherwise, we will be able to tell you that everything looks good from our perspective, which will give you additional peace of mind and additional confidence to continue the relationship with this supplier.
We will also contact the supplier from a local Chinese company and get a price quote on the same or a similar order. We do our best to not let them know we are associated with you. Often times, we find out that we can secure a lower price! This has saved clients a TON of money in the past when we were able to secure lower pricing, and give you that info so that you can negotiate the better pricing for yourself.
Once we have completed the service, we will send you a report with any of the following info that we are able to obtain.
  •  Status of the supplier as a reseller or actual factory
  •  Any red flags about the business, and whether it is a licensed business
  •  Any warning indications about business malpractice, legal actions, or government trouble that we are able to find
  •  Our quote for a similar inquiry, so you can compare to your pricing. This will either give you confidence in your existing prices, or give you the tools to negotiate lower pricing.
  •  If we think that there is a better supplier to use from our investigation, we will send you that info as well!
We are not miracle workers, but we have learned that having “boots on the ground” in China can be a TREMENDOUS resource! Whether it is helping you avoid doing business with a potentially bad supplier, or saving you money from an existing supplier, we feel that the time spent in this service is an investment with potentially AMAZING returns for your business!
If you have any additional questions about the service please shoot us an email, or click the link below to order the service now and get started!
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