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 Let our Experienced Team Help You Find Your Next Supplier!
This service assists in finding you qualified suppliers for your next project. We get the details of your project, connect you with the right folks in China, and send you all the info to handle the rest of the sourcing yourself, giving you the control and saving you money!
Who is this service for?
Who is this service for?
This service is for clients that want to manage most of the sourcing process on their own, but want some assistance in finding the right suppliers. They want our local Chinese sourcing agents to use our network and experience to help them find qualified suppliers, instead of trying to navigate websites and avoid potentially shady situations. This is most commonly used for products that are already existing in a similar form, not a full custom manufacturing or prototype operation.
When is this service done?
When is this service done?
This service is best used once you have identified the next product you want to source and are ready to start working directly with suppliers.
How Does It Work?
This service is provided with three simple steps:
  •  We collect information fr om you regarding the product you want via a survey form.
  •  We will use our existing network of manufacturers and sourcing skills to locate qualified suppliers that should be able to help you with your project.
  •  We will deliver a report to you with up to 3 different vetted suppliers, along with all of their contact information so you can work with them directly.
More Details
Sourcing is a vital part of creating your brand and product line, and knowing who you are dealing with is half of the battle! Sites like Alibaba are easy to navigate, but anyone could be on the other end of that communication… By using our service, you have experienced staff IN CHINA that will use our contacts and sourcing abilities to find legitimate suppliers to work with. 

To start, our team will analyze the information supplied from the survey that you will fill out. This will ask a lot of questions, and you will even provide photos of similar products from your competition! Once our team analyzes the info, they will start reaching out to a number of potential suppliers to determine the ones that would be a best fit your you based on price, target order quantity, and actual design and construction of the product.

When we are finished (usually within 7 days), we will send you a report containing the following info of up to 3 suppliers (usually at least three, unless it is an extremely specialized product in which very few suppliers are available).
  • Company names
  • Photos of similar items from the suppliers to confirm that they can handle the job
  • Sales person name
  • Direct Phone number
  • Email address
  • Wechat ID and/or QQ ID
  • Our opinion on preferred vendor from the list based on several specific variables
Once we send the info to you, you can begin to personally contact the suppliers via the methods provided. You may need to get creative with communication (QQ or Google Translate) because we often get you to the bare-bones factory without English speaking capabilities! By vetting the suppliers and giving you access to them directly, you will eliminate much of the risk commonly associated with the sourcing from China via poor vendors. While we can not guarantee any results beyond the info that we provide, we have allowed our existing clients to experience a MUCH HIGHER RATE OF SUCCESS in their sourcing projects!
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© Hickory-Flats Inc 2019. All Rights Reserved.