Hickory Flats offers a UNIQUE and EXCITING approach to sourcing! With it’s offices, partners, and staff in multiple countries, your sourcing project can be handled with custom care on both ends of the world. Our basic sourcing services are also a great option for people needing a little help, but generally are able and willing to handle the majority of the process on their own. 

Supplier Search
Let Our Team Find Your Next Supplier!
This service assists in finding you qualified suppliers for your next project. Our unique position of staff and COMPANY OWNERS in the USA and China allow us to offer this extremely useful and time/money saving service. We will get the details of your project, research multiple suppliers, and connect you with the right folks in China! We will send a report containing all supplier info and quoted prices/moqs given to our Chinese office, allowing you to handle the rest of the sourcing yourself, giving you the control and saving you money!

Price: $299

Supplier Scope
Let our team Validate and Negotiate for you!
This service is meant to give you peace of mind. It helps insure that you know who you are dealing with, and that your pricing is competitive!! 
If you have a current supplier or quote, we can use our local Chinese team to investigate and negotiate on your behalf...

We frequently save clients a TON of money and possible headaches with this unique service, and we can do it for you as well!

Price: $299
Product Inspection
Ensure your Order is Correct!  Let us Inspect what you Expect!
This service provides and inspection of your ordered goods from the factory when the order is complete, usually prior to the final payment being delivered. Lots of people offer this service, but very few are KNOWN to be thorough and trustworthy like Hickory Flats!

The quality of the production of your goods is one of the pillars of your business, and you need to know that the production has been done correctly!  Let our team go to your factory to do an inspection, and make sure you are covered.

Price: $245

Full Service Sourcing - For Specialty Projects and Complete Service

This service uses the full range of our sourcing and procurement abilities with our multi-national presence to help you build a product line, your brand, and your business!

 With this service, we will work with multiple potential manufacturers to find a solution to your sourcing project.  Clock the link below, and fill out a Full Sourcing Questionnaire so that we can offer you a quote base don your unique project.  
For more info and a service quote, click the button!

Central America Sourcing

Hickory Flats is focused on helping you build your product, your brand, and your business!  To do this, there may be an advantage to helping you source goods from places OTHER than Asia..  

Our unique sourcing service via our office in Central America is available for a limited number of product types, and we would love to see if your potential project is a good fit for this service!  Click the link below for more info on this unique offering! 
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