Product Inspection Service
Are you purchasing items from China?
How are you guaranteeing you are getting what you paid for?
Are you tired of losing money and time to costly mistakes on your orders??

Watch this video for a Quick Explanation!
Who is this service for?
Who is this service for?
Businesses ordering goods from China that wants to avoid losing $$$$!
To make sure your goods are being delivered as promised, let us INSPECT what you EXPECT.
When is this service done?
When is this service done?
We suggest arranging this service a week in advance of scheduled product completion, to allow communication with the supplier and scheduling the inspection. 

We also suggest having the inspection completed PRIOR to making final payment for goods
How Does It Work?
This service is provided with three simple steps:
  •  We collect information from you regarding your supplier and order
  •  We will contact your supplier and schedule a time to send our inspection personnel to the site and perform the inspection
  •  We will deliver the inspection report to you via e-mail, consisting of 10-20 pages of info via PDF
More Details
Making sure that your production is done correctly and according to your ordered specifications is an important step in sourcing goods. Major or minor mistakes can be corrected MUCH easier when the goods are still with the supplier vs. if you ship them and discover problems later.

In addition, holding final payment until the corrections have been made will give the supplier incentive to make sure that any errors are corrected. If there are no problems and the production run was done correctly, the inspection will grant you the peace of mind that everything was done as you expected!

When doing a production inspection, we will gather required information from you such as the contact info of your supplier, a general description of goods, and any very specific items that you would like our inspection team to keep an eye out for.

Generally, an inspection will not check every item, but instead will take a sampling of them. This number varies based on the total number of units, type of units, etc. Generally, however, this number is around 20% of the order.

Once our inspection staff arrive at the supplier’s facility, they will begin making notes on a large number of factors, including but not limited to:
  • Total number of items produced, pieces per carton, number of cartons, etc
  • General workmanship of moving parts, function, and production quality
  • Cleanliness of final products and packaging
  • Weight and dimensions of items, packaging, and shipping cases
  • Barcode scannability and scan results
  • General impressions of order quality
While our inspectors can not be experts in every aspect of every type of product, our general inspection will give you enough information about your order to determine if you are satisfied or not. With this information, you can then discuss the final acceptance or rejection of your order with a more informed approach.

To get an idea of what our inspection entails, please take a look at this sample inspection below!
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© Hickory-Flats Inc 2019. All Rights Reserved.