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August 2,2020

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Tim Jordan

Do you want to CRUSH IT in 2020 with your E-Commerce Business? ASD in Vegas is a good place to start!

Finding the right products and the right strategies is KEY to starting or scaling your e-commerce business in 2020!  And with this massively intense workshop, we have you covered. 

Our Private Label Workshop is proven to create growth for you, and you DONT want to miss it!

By attending this workshop, you can acces three very important things that you might not find elsewhere…: 

Proven Strategies and Training
Exceptional Networking
Apply the Training IMMEDIATELY as ASD
Tim Jordan ASD Market Week

Come learn the secrets to our success

ASD week is one of the hottest opportunities to find NEW Private Label product opportunitiesas well as learn the correct strategies and methods to scale them!  We know that ASD in Vegas can connect you with TONS of suppliers, MOUNTAINS of product ideas, and INCREDIBLE NETWORKING!  However, not everyone is able to really capitalize on the opportunities because they don’t know how…  After extensive trial and error through our own sales AND helping hundreds of other clients, we have identified a few COLD HARD FACTS about ASD and how to make money using the opportunities there!
We have developed a process and a system to IDENTIFY NEW PRODUCTS IDEAS and UPCOMING NICHES by spending time on the tradeshow floor.  We will show you how.  We also know how to use Source Direct at ASD to find suppliers.  We will show you how to do that, as well! We also know the cutting edge strategies to validate, test, and LAUNCH those ideas.  And again, we will show you how…
Every year, TONS of e-com sellers go to ASD and leave frustrated… WHY? Because they didn’t have a good plan, method, or mentorship on HOW to attack the market! With our workshop, we can CHANGE THAT BY SHOWING YOU HOW!!


  • ASD is the largest and most varied consumer tradeshow in the USA
  • ASD draws TENS OF THOUSANDS of suppliers, vendors, and sellers into one place
  • ASD is a MASSIVE tradeshow, more than filling the entire Las Vegas Convention Center with ideas, suppliers, and OPPORTUNITIES TO BUILD YOUR PRIVATE LABEL BUSINESS!
  • ASD is a TERRIBLE PLACE to gain wholesale accounts (too saturated with sellers),
  • ASD is a TREMENDOUS PLACE to get product ideas, identify niche markets, and build your business massively (if you have the right approach and training)
  • ASD is where YOU need to be in March, and let our team help you make it a GREAT investment in time and energy for YOUR business!

How Does Our Workshop Work?

Our Private Label workshop is done in partnership with ASD, so we have the tools, resources, and location to make it a winner for you!


Our rapid-fire, intense workshop will help you understand the purpose, tactics, and mentality that you need to have going into a market like ASD, and how we use those opportunities to find ways to grow our businesses! We will literally walk you through our entire process, including: Identifying, validating, and testing!

gain insight

You will gain valuable insight into the mentality and gameplan going into the ASD market. These methods can then be replicated anywhere in the world! We are NOT gaining wholesale contacts, we are using the market to identify NEW PRODUCTS, NICHE OPPORTUNITIES, and POSSIBLE PRIVATE LABEL suppliers!


Vegas at ASD in March is an absolute MUST if you want to network and learn from others. At our workshop, you can meet other sellers and learn from them, hang out with them, and generally have FUN with them on your trip! What better way to get the ASD week off to a great start

Show Floor Training

This workshop is strategically positioned to be just prior to the ASD show starting. So in our workshop, we will show you EXACTLY how to walk the floor to capture as many ideas as possible, and how to speak to suppliers and vendors!


We have found a very unique but successful way to utilize places like tradeshows to build "keyword catalogs", which turns into a crazy awesome way to identify products in demand, with low competition..... At this intense workshop, we will show you how.

follow up

Once you have finished our training and attacked the show, we will have an EXCLUSIVE online workshop JUST FOR ATTENDEES, where we can further discuss how to now capitalize on the info you got, as well as answer any questions on the follow-up methods!

Some Common Questions About This Workshop

Click the Question to see the Answer

NO! We are NOT going to be showing you how to get wholesale accounts, or even how to purchase from these suppliers directly and make bundles like some people to. We are teaching how to use the INFORMATION at these types of events to find GREAT PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS.  We are then going to give you a step-by-step process for taking that info and turning it into validated and successful products using the BEST mehtods in the industry!

ASD is an amazing event for Private Label sellers….  You can find the best upcoming niches, keywords, and trends in the world. We will teach you how!  You can work with suppliers from multiple countries which may become your next supplier.  We will show you how!  ASD also draws TENS OF THOUSANDS of sellers, suppliers, and experts….  You WILL NOT find better networking, training, and sourcing opportunities in the U.S.!

Our workshop covers a TON of material in short period of time.  We will teach you how to use ASD specifically, so you are prepared for the rest of your trip.  We will teach you how to validate demand and competition, to help you choose the right product to launch.  We will show you how to test using advanced methods.  We will teach you how to walk and operate in the trade-show floor.  We will teach you how to talk to suppliers that you would source from, as well as teach you how to talk to brands to learn what is trending for 2020 and beyond!  No matter if you are a brand new beginner or an advanced seller, we WILL show you methods and tactics that work, and that can be applied to your business immediately!

Yep, we have that too! 1-2 weeks after the event, we will host an online group coaching session where we will answer any questions about the method, the techniques, and/or any hurdles you have found in the journey to keep moving towards your goal of finding new Private Label opportunities!

Email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.


ASD Private Label Workshop with Tim Jordan

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  • Huge Tradeshow
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