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Come to Central America with us!!

Upcoming Trip Dates:
February 10th-16th, 2019
May 5th - 11th, 2019
August 11th - 17th, 2019
So, why would you go to Central America to help build your Private Label business??
Lots of reasons!  We will get more into some of them below, but the main objective is to find UNIQUE PRODUCTS, tell a GREAT STORY for your BRAND, and get involved with an underdeveloped economy and create social impact with your own brand!

(At the same time, the region is also beautiful and a lot of fun to travel to!!)
By going to Central America, you are able to take a product that may be saturated on Amazon or another platform, and have it made in a unique location with unique artisans and tell a unique story.  "Unique" translates to "different", and we ALL KNOW THAT A GREAT DIFFERENTIATOR can mean all the success in the WORLD to your product sales!

This opportunity is INSANELY powerful for building your business with a lasting brand!
Check out this video to get an example...
So, why does an opportunity like producing goods in Central America offer so much value and opportunity for your own products and business?

Well, there are LOTS OF REASONS!!!
Amazon is huge, but so is e-commerce in general!  By standing out from the crowd and creating a product with a good story, you can build a brand that is NOT DEPENDENT ON AMAZON ONLY (although, those Amazon sales are nice when you have a great and unique product..)
Being able to tell a story about your product gives AMAZING content for marketing!  Telling a story about your sourcing location, or the families and artisans that create your product, have HUGE conversions via online advertising!
As e-commerce shrinks the world in terms of ability to sell to the masses, little details can really turn your product into a gold mine.  Sourcing from Central America offers a lot of little bonuses that most sourcing locations can't offer!
The location is closer geographically then most major sourcing and production locations the the USA market.  This means faster transit times, easier communication with suppliers, and easier travel to meet with suppliers!
...oh, and one more thing....... It is MASSIVELY REWARDING to bring business to an underdeveloped region of the world!
Want an example of a story-built brand?
Ever heard of Tom's Shoes?
These shoes are inexpensive to make, they are easy to ship, and MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOVE THEM!

How did Tom's create such a successful launch?  WITH A STORY!  Their whole slogan is "Buy a pair, give a pair".  They literally went mega-viral because of their brand STORY.  And this is one of the main premises that we use to SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH PRODUCTS MADE IN CENTRAL AMERICA!
Ok, so you are interested in the idea...  But there are a few hurdles that most people experience trying to do this.  

The main ones are:
- Finding suppliers that can help create these products. After all, there is no Alibaba in Central America!
- Knowing the methods and strategies to find unique product opportunities by using "reverse engineering"
- Knowing and understanding the local culture and how to do business in underdeveloped regions of the world.
Those are all legit concerns, but LUCKY FOR YOU, WE HAVE AN ANSWER AND AN OPPORTUNITY for you to take action and get started!  
So, what does our trip offer to help build your business using these awesome tactics and principles??

Training on Product Selection Tactics from Central America

We are experienced at this now, but we have made a ton of mistakes learning!  So now you get to take advantage of our hard-earned experience! This task not easy to jump into blindly, but we have learned some massively successful techniques and practices to find which products have potential to be produced in Central America and gain great traction as a unique product.  We can even frequently compete is very competitive niches on Amazon because of these techniques!  With this sourcing retreat opportunity, we will teach you these techniques that we are using regularly now to MAX effect!

Networking with Local Business Pros

To create the MOST value possible for you, we will introduce you to successful business owners in Central America.  They are knowledgeable in the most common misconceptions about sourcing in Central America, as well as the best ways to build relationships with local artisans and producers.    Part of our guarantee to you is that you are not just learning from our team, but from our NETWORK.  The insight and info that you receive from these contributors are paramount to understanding how you can find success with this opportunity.

Meet Actual Producers and Artisans.  Hundreds of them.

It has taken years for us to build up our network of producers and artisans, and we want to introduce them to you!  As part of the tremendous value that we provide you, we will link you with producers that can make your next project or idea a reality.  We will tour artisan's shops, go to coffee plantations, meet co-ops of female weavers and other products, and go to Central America's LARGEST market for handmade goods.  Here, you will can meet HUNDREDS of suppliers in one location!

Learn How Logistics Works

If you want to import from Central America, you need a general understanding of how the logistics would work.  From producer, to export/import, to Amazon FBA or your own front door, we can explain it all.  Did you know that Central America falls under the North American Free Trade Agreement and all imports are duty free??  Did you know that you can legally export and import mahogany from Central America, one of the most desireable woods in the USA?   Well,  we know how to and we will teach you all of that!

Learn To Manage Expectations In Central American Sourcing

There are a lot of considerations in sourcing from Central America that a lot of people don't understand.  From the cultural differences, to the impact of large orders to a small producer, to the practices needed for follow-up orders on recurring projects, we will fill you in.  Knowing how to manage expectations through our solid education in that matter will help provide YEARS of value as you continue to do business with Central American producers.  

Learn Product Research Validation Techniques

You also need to know WHAT products to jump into!  We will teach you our methods for doing this, so that you can come prepared, as well as finalize your research after meeting your next future suppliers.  We believe that education is WILDLY important, and we will spend a lot of time educating and training you!   We will offer this training via video before the trip, workshop time DURING the trip, then follow-up material for AFTER the trip.

Most Importantly, our Sourcing Retreat offers you this:

A faster, more effective way to grow your business.  And, in doing so, you will be able to do something that many people fail to do, but many people WANT to do:  Impact lives.  The stories of the men and women that we get to work with is amazing, and by bringing our business to them, we are able to impact them in a way that is truly life-changing for the producers and their families.  AND AS A BONUS, we get to create REALLY GREAT PRODUCTS, with a REALLY GREAT STORY, that can build REALLY GREAT SALES.  Its a win-win for everyone.  

We're not going to sugar-coat it and say its easy, or that its a home-run with every project.  We are all business people, so we know this.  However, we CAN guarantee you this:  This opportunity is unique, it is exciting, and it can absolutely change your life AND your business!
Do you want to see what it's like going on one of these sourcing retreats? 
If so, then check out this recap video of a past trip!
So, where is Central America? 
Central America runs from the southern border of Mexico, to the bottom tip Panama.  It includes several small countries, all of which are primarily Spanish with a deep history in Mayan tradition and ancestry.  The majority of Central America is just a few hours flight on average from most major airports in the USA, so it is close!
Check out a review from one of our past clients:
The Trip Format...
Our schedule and format is based on very tactical decisions and a TRIED AND TRUE plan based on lots of experience and practice! We know the best hotels, the best cities and villages, and the best FOOD!  In addition, we know how to safely and efficiently travel around to the hot-spots of opportunity for you.  Plus, we know how to have fun along the way!  

You will start your journey in Antigua, Guatemala

You will fly into Guatemala City, which is an average of jsut a few hours from most locations in the USA.  There, our team will PERSONALLY meet you and transport you to the town of Antigua,  just outside of the main city.  This city is AMAZING, and it will be our first base of operations in our trip.  In Guatemala, you will experience wonderful accomodations (we cover all of those costs) and amazing charm in this pre-colonial village.  Here we will have various training sessions, meet masterminds and artisans, and enjoy WONDERFUL food and relaxation!

Panajachel and Lake Atitlan  

 One of the most BEAUTIFUL locations in the WORLD is Lake Atitlan, and after a couple days in Antigua, we will journey to the coastal town of Panajechel.  We will stay at the world-renowned Hotel Atitlan and enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery in Central America while we meet and learn from more local producers, as well as engage in intense workshops and training sessions on all-things Private Label and business development.    Enjoy lush tropical gardens right outside of your hotel room, as well as experience amazing food and accomodations while networking and relaxing in an INSANELY nice environment!  

Local Villages and Excursions

 While using Panajachel as our base of operations and training for a few days, we will ALSO be going on excurions to local villages and producer's locations.  We will take a private boat across the lake to towns like San Lucas and San Pedro, where you will tour artisinal coffee plantation co-ops,  learn how handmade textiles are made in a workshop by local women,  see artistic methods and production capabilities for materials like wood, ceramic, and jewelry.    The fun, adventure, education, and introductions to multiple producers for YOUR next product will be an experience of a lifetime!

The market of Chichicastenango

On only two days a week, the village of Chichicastenango houses the largest market in Central America.  Producers, artisans, and sellers come from hndreds of miles away to meet buyers like YOU!  This is an AMAZING opportunity to meet hundreds of potential suppliers for your next product, or purchase items ready to buy and test on teh spot!    We will spend an entire day at this market, and provide you with translation services as you use your knowledge form the training to delve into the different product options and opportunities available in the region.    This is an awesome learning AND purchasing experience combined!

Trip Wrap-Up 

On Friday, we will depart the Panajachel region and head back to Guatemala City.  We will stop at an ancient Mayan ruins and tour it, where you will learn more about the history of the indigenous people of Central America.  Upon arrival in Guatemala City, we will host our final dinner (fancy!) and introduce you to more expert content contributors who will be involved in our final wrap-up Q & A session, before wrapping up your final evening of an amazing adventure, learning experience, and business (and personal...) growth retreat.   

On Saturday, we will deliver you to the airport in time for your return flight back home, where you will be ready to get started building out your business with your newfound knowledge and connections!
What does our retreat package include?
We want the pricing to be as simple as possible, so we are offering the simplest package possible
Our objective is to offer as near of an all-inclusive package as possible.  This allows you to focus on the MISSION, and not some of the other tedious aspects of travelling to Central America. ASIDE from the amazing networking and and learning opportunities, we cover the following items for you to add the most value possible.    And we firmly believe that our trip's value is unparalleled...
We cover the following costs:
  •  Airport pickup and transport to your hotel in Antigua 
  •  World-Class hotel accommodations  every night
  •  Professional and experienced guides for all sight-seeing!
  •  All transport between different locations and cities. 
  •  All major meals are included in the retreat cost!
  •  Amazing food options...
  •  Access to multiple mastermind contributors 
  •  Training and tools for researching and validating
  •  Access to personal translators in Chichicastenango
In addition, we also offer the following pre and post-trip services and perks!
  •  We will supply you with an training and pre-trip info in regards to travel 
  •  Assistance in selecting the best flights if needed.
  •  Exclusive Facebook group for leaders and attendees to network, compare notes, and easily communicate in a group setting prior to and AFTER the trip!
  •  Full guidance on trip prep including packing lists, health considerations, and answers to any questions you may have about travelling to Central America!
  •  Online video introductions and instructions prior to the trip
  •  Written video training and guidance material relating to research and validation techniques for potential products
  • Guidance and training on shipping and import of your market purchases, as well as future purchases.
  •  Access to local service providers for follow-up sourcing, shipping, and translation if needed.
Do we genuinely believe in the power of this opportunity?
Should you only take our word for it?
Check out these testimonials from past attendees instead!
One of the LARGEST perks is EXCLUSIVITY! We are ONLY offering this trip to 25 attendees per trip! This will enable us to be a tight group, with lots of one-on-one time with the pros, content contributors,  and other sellers!
Question: What is an opportunity like this worth?  
Well, if all this package offered was one of the following.....
Training on successful, non-mainstream Private Label development methods....
The opportunity to form lasting relationships with producers and other sellers that could last a lifetime
 Or, The opportunity to source and launch just ONE successful product or brand for your e-commerce business...
What would you value that at?  And we are not even talking about the accommodations, training, adventure, etc....  We are ONLY talking about a valuation on just ONE OPPORTUNITY.... 
If you believe in the methods and opportunities, then you would likely place a very high valuation on this package.   

So here's the deal:

The price is only $7,999.  That's it.  

EXCEPT that you also get a $1,000 discount for being a part of the MST community!

So, the price is only $6,999!!!

All you need to do is apply by clicking the button below.  Once you apply, we will contact you and make sure that the trip is a good fit for you and your business plans!  It does not matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned vet, what matters is your long term goals to grow and your dedication to the work it takes to build your business CORRECTLY!  We turn down applicants that are not taking their business seriously, as we do not want them wasting their own money...

This opportunity is an investment in your business, and we want to make sure it is a good fit for everyone!
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