Helping YOU succeed in building YOUR  business!
At Hickory Flats, our primary goal is to provide a GREAT set of services to help you in YOUR journey to build your business!  With a robust collection of specialties and services, we can help fill the needs of beginners to veteran sellers!  
Some of our services include (but are not limited to) the following:
Sourcing Services
The first step in creating a successful business selling products, is to have the products to sell!  With years of experience, Hickory Flats has built a set of multi-national service options that will allow you to take the guesswork out of sourcing MILLIONS of products in MULTIPLE REGIONS!  From helping you find a supplier, to inspecting your goods, to handling the whole process for you...  We have it covered!
Sourcing Retreats
After YEARS of learning how to do it successfully for ourselves, we now take aspiring entrepreneurs WITH US on all-inclusive sourcing retreats to various locations where YOU can build YOUR business!    Our sourcing retreats include LEARNING, SOURCING, MEETING SUPPLIERS, NETWORKING, and a whole lot more!  Click the button to learn more about our current trip offerings! 
Our strategies, techniques, and services all apply to ANY online selling platform!  Our primary focus and customer base is on the following platforms, but we cover them all!
Our experience is based on our OWN product sales success, ALONG WITH ACHIEVING:
Products Handled 
Suppliers in our Network
Actual Relationships Built
  What do our clients say about us?
"These folks flawlessly managed all of my workdwide shipping and logistics for the last 2 years, allowing me to do what I do best: Branding and Selling"
-Rodrigo B.- Guatemala 
"Hickory-Flats has hands down one of the biggest factors in ensuring my business is successful and run smoothly. Could not recommend more!"
-Jaxon W. - Oregon  
"Outsourcing my needs to Hickory-Flats has streamlined my business, allowing me to spend less time working on my business and less time working on it!"
-Kate A. - Arizona
Looking for our shipping service?  

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