About Us
Our Mission
At Hickory Flats, our primary goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the solutions, knowledge, and support needed to create their own freedom, stability, and their own LEGACY!

Hickory Flats strives to be an organization that uses integrity, creativity, and efficiency to assist clients in meeting their e-commerce goals. We use our experience and knowledge to help clients build their online revenue streams that will increase value and flexibility in their lives. Hickory Flats intends to continually grow and gain knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and to constantly meet the expectations of our clients as service and knowledge experts.  

The Team
Hickory Flats is owned and operated by partners TIM JORDAN, JB BROWN, and KATE AMES.  They daily combine their expereince and knowledge to create a well-rounded team of content providers and service managers, who take their own product-selling experience and apply it to YOU through training and services that are relevant and valuable.

Hickory Flats is based with offices in the USA, with strategic partners in multiple countries. It is an enterprise with extensive resources on both ends of the world, allowing close management and “boots on the ground” services and experience that make it unique to most sourcing and training companies in this industry. All Hickory Flats team members are encouraged to use integrity, creativity, and further education to create an atmosphere of growth and pride in everything they do.

Hickory Flats has also extended their presence and services to Central America, where they are engaging in various projects to match brand owners with fair wage / fair trade artisans as well as NGO groups. These efforts are in an attempt to add stability to the region via increased trade, but also allow brand owners to offer a unique product line with a great story and purpose!

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For general inquiries and to receive the fastest response, please email: sales@hickory-flats.com
© Hickory-Flats Inc 2019. All Rights Reserved. 
© Hickory-Flats Inc 2019. All Rights Reserved.