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provide entrepreneurs with the solutions, knowledge, and support needed to create their own freedom, stability, and their own legacy!

Now, how do we do that? Through a combination of training, services, and immersive experiences! Click below to see more about each one of our offerings!

Tim Jordan ASD Market Week


              August 2, 2020

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Hickory Flats Inc.

Options for Growth

sourcing retreat


After YEARS of learning how to do it successfully for ourselves, we now take aspiring entrepreneurs WITH US on all-inclusive sourcing retreats to various locations where YOU can build YOUR business!  Click the button to learn more about our current trip offerings! 


There has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur! The possibilities, the tools, the opportunities…. They are all endless, and they are at your fingertips. But.. Millions of Budding to Established entrepreneurs are not reaching their full potential. 

The Private Label Legion

Want To Get Involved In An Awesome Group Of Hardcore Entrepreneurs?  From well-known industry experts, to struggling beginners. Let’s Collaborate, Learn, and Grow together. I’ts Free! Just Click the link Below to learn more! This is a private Facebook group.

Our Strategies, Techniques, And Services All Apply To ANY Online Selling Platform!

Our primary focus and customer base is on the following platforms, but we cover them all!

Our primary focus and customer base is on the following platforms, but we cover them all!

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Options for Growth

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Check out Tim and the Legion’s YouTube Channel!
For a MOUNTAIN of content, this is the place to go! This is your chance to be part of a great network of business owners, new and experienced. Subscribe to PLL today

Options for Growth

Check out our Podcast

Learn eCommerce & private label strategies from seven-figure seller, Tim Jordan. Each week, our host invites successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and experts to share their experience and practical advice for growing an online business.

Hickory Flats strives to be an organization that uses integrity, creativity, and efficiency to assist clients in meeting their e-commerce goals.

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